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Provide safer, cleaner vehicles for your customers

Introducing vehicle disinfection services

Revolutionizing vehicle care with trusted disinfection solutions

Provide safer, cleaner vehicles for your customers

Gain lasting protection

With fixed locations and mobile solutions, we’ll sanitize, disinfect and protect your vehicles wherever they are. Our solution disinfects as it cleans, eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and inhibiting growth of odor-causing germs for up to 30 days post-treatment.

  • Win customer trust by delivering disinfected vehicles
  • Prioritize vehicle hygiene with a partner you can trust
  • Provide peace of mind to your customers, drivers and team members
Learn how you and your customers can benefit from PureProtect by RideKleen

83% of consumers say it’s extremely important to disinfect vehicle surfaces after a service appointment or test drive.2


Solutions You Can Trust 

We’ve teamed up with the best in the business to ensure that our solutions are proven, effective and eco-conscious.

  • Eco-conscious technology that sanitizes, disinfects and protects the entire vehicle, including interior cabin, A/C ventilation system, trunk and cargo areas
  • EPA-registered3 and approved antimicrobial product
  • Approved for use on hard and soft surfaces
  • Kills up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria, mold, mildew and emerging viruses
  • Protects vehicles by inhibiting growth of harmful odor-causing germs, mold and mildew for up to 30 days post-treatment

Our Markets

We provide onsite disinfection services in key metro markets and we’re growing quickly.

Want to sanitize, disinfect and protect your own vehicles?

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1. Source: Vehicle Study by SellCar.co.uk. 2. 2020 Cox Automotive COVID-19 Consumer & Impact Study. 3. EPA Registration: CBI: EPA Reg. No. 82972-1-93819 | CBI: EPA Est. No. 93819-OR-001

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