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RideKleen Expands Nationwide Footprint, Delivering Mobile, Eco-Conscious Car Care at Every Turn

Since 2013, RideKleen has conducted nearly 475,000 vehicle washes – conserving an estimated 14 million gallons of water utilizing its sustainable cleaning technology. RideKleen services clients Getaround, Manheim, Enterprise Car Share and Zipcar. ATLANTA, Sept. 30, 2019 – It has been a year of expansion and growth for RideKleen, the national leader in eco-conscious mobile […]

Introducing Pivet: Cox Automotive Mobility Group Unveils New Brand for Industry-First Mobility Fleet Services Network

ATLANTA, Jan. 14, 2019 – Six months after the formation of a new business unit focused on enabling next-generation transportation, the Cox Automotive Mobility Group unveils a distinct brand to illustrate the division’s integrated solution of forward-looking fleet services. Constructed to include both physical locations and mobile vehicle management solutions, Pivet connects industry-leading Cox Automotive […]

Managing Fleets: The Industry Solution You Need

In 2016, close to a billion dollars was invested in auto tech start-ups. Convenient and automated technology is the wave of the future for companies that have decided to partake in the growth of the sharing economy. As the car sharing industry continues to evolve, the need for traditional rental branches in major metropolitan areas […]

Get to Know Our CEO: Style & Speed

My 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT has the perfect blend of performance, technology, and all wheel drive capabilities. Being a sports car enthusiast, I have always owned sport sedan vehicles known for their exhilarating speed and handling. When I was in the market for a SUV, I knew that finding the right model would be […]

Environmental Impact of the Car Wash

We have to face the facts: car washing can pose threats to the environment.  Water drainage is the primary problem associated with a car wash. Many soaps contain harmful chemicals that degrade water quality. The pollution problem is only compounded when the soapy water is mixed with the grime, dirt and grease removed from a […]

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

The car wash industry has undergone serious technological innovation in order to produce the highest quality clean. Car washing began in driveways across America with nothing more than a hose, sponge and soap. Car owners were quick to realize that a simple hose isn’t powerful enough to get all the grime off, especially after harsh […]

Carshare Industry on Upward Trend

Car sharing, once thought to be a niche market, has been on the upward trend over the last five years.  Since 2011, the car-sharing industry has seen an annual growth rate of 25.9% with revenues reaching $1B in December 2016.  We expect the industry will continue to see rapid growth as more strategic players continue […]

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