By distributing, displaying or using in any manner any Advertising/Marketing Collateral (as defined below) in connection with the Products you purchased, as permitted by this Agreement, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions stated below. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you shall not be permitted to use any of Advertising/Marketing Collateral and shall not be provided any in connection with your purchase.

Advertising/Marketing Collateral.

In connection with your purchase of the Products, you may receive all, some or none of the following Advertising/Marketing Collateral Items:

  • Hangtags
  • Vehicle Window Stickers
  • Feather & Lot Signs
  • Retail Window Cling
  • Printed Brochure(s)
  • Retractable Banners
  • Other Retail Signage
  • Digital assets (display ads)
  • Website copy

RideKleen may remove or add Marketing/Advertising Collateral to the list stated above in its sole discretion.

Subject to the requirements and restrictions set forth herein, RideKleen, LLC (“RideKleen”) grants your organization (“Authorized Users”) a limited, royalty free license in the United States to use the Advertising/Marketing Collateral solely in connection with, and to promote PureProtect by RideKleen products and/or services and the vehicles for which you have provided the PureProtect cleaning and sanitization services for. You may not sublicense your rights to the Marketing/Advertising Collateral to any third parties.


Any Hangtags and/ or Window Stickers/Car Stickers provided to you are for use only within a vehicle treated by PureProtect services. Any Advertising/Marketing Collateral for use a dealership or other place of business, such as Dealer Signage, Feather Signs, Window Clings, Brochures and Banners shall be featured prominently and in compliance with the guidelines captured herein. Digital assets shall be used on Authorized User websites only. Authorized Users shall not display any third party logos or marks, other than its own, in proximity to the Advertising/ Marketing Collateral. All Advertising/ Marketing Collateral shall be used for the purposes described herein and are not permitted in any advertising or any other marketing uses.

Authorized Users shall at all times observe high standards of quality in the provision of any services utilizing the Products and/or any distribution of the Products with which the Advertising/Marketing Collateral are used. Authorized Users shall use the Advertising/Marketing Collateral in the same manner and quality as provided and shall not be redrawn, re-colored, distorted, altered, copied, reproduced or disparaged at any time. RideKleen shall have the right to promulgate from time to time such additional and/or revised guidelines, license, restrictions and requirements with respect to use by Authorized Users of the Advertising/Marketing Collateral as RideKleen may reasonably determine are necessary or useful in maintaining the quality and value of the Advertising/Marketing Collateral. RideKleen may modify this license at any time and Authorized Users agree to comply with the material contained in the updated license immediately upon receipt of, or posting of the new license.

The Advertising/Marketing Collateral are and shall remain the exclusive property of RideKleen. Authorized Users are not granted any right, title or interest in the Advertising/Marketing Collateral and/or any RideKleen trademarks, trade names, or service marks including but not limited to PureProtect by RideKleen, or any third party trademarks associated with the Products (“Marks”), except rights to use the Advertising/Marketing Collateral as provided hereunder or in conjunction with any purchasing and/or reseller terms and agreements between Authorized User(s) and RideKleen. No other use of the Marks is permitted hereunder. All rights and goodwill associated with Authorized Users’ use of the Advertising/Marketing Collateral will inure to the benefit of RideKleen.

The Advertising/Marketing Collateral and/or any Marks may not be presented or used: (a) in a manner that is misleading, defamatory, libelous, obscene, infringing or otherwise objectionable; (b) in connection with any material that infringes the trademark, copyright or any other rights of any third party; (c) as part of a name of a product or service of a company other than RideKleen or any other Cox Automotive service or product; or (d) in a manner that infringes, derogates, dilutes, or impairs the rights of RideKleen in such trademark or logo.

The Digital Assets, as referenced above, may be utilized solely to promote PureProtect by RideKleen on the Authorized User’s business website and for no other purpose. Any other use of the Digital Assets must be approved by RideKleen in writing prior to any such use. If RideKleen determines, in its sole discretion, that it does not agree with the placement of the Digital Assets on the Authorized User’s website, RideKleen may request that the Authorized User modify or remove the Digital Assets accordingly.

Except for the language provide herein, Authorized Users may make NO additional representations, warranties, or statements regarding RideKleen, its products and/or services or the PureProtect brand. In the event an Authorized User plans to describe the PureProtect disinfectant solution in any communication, the Authorized User must use the following description:

PureProtect by RideKleen uses an EPA-registered and approved antimicrobial cleaning solution that sanitizes, disinfects and protects the entire vehicle, including interior cabin, A/C ventilation system, trunk and cargo areas.**

  • EPA-registered and approved solution
  • Treats vehicle odor, one of the first signs of germs, and disinfects vehicle surfaces and air
  • Kills up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria, mold, mildew and emerging viruses
  • Protects vehicles by inhibiting growth of harmful odor-causing germs, mold and mildew for up to 30 days post-treatment
  • Approved for use on hard and soft surfaces
  • Kid-safe, food-safe and pet-safe

**Disinfectant provided by Caring Brands, Inc., EPA Registration: CBI: EPA Reg. No. 82972-1-93819 | CBI: EPA Est. No. 93819-OR-001

Authorized Users may not register in any jurisdiction, domestic or foreign, any trademarks, logos or trade names that are identical to, confusingly similar with, or incorporate any the PureProtect brand, any Marks, taglines, slogans, logos or trade names used by RideKleen.

RideKleen may terminate use of the Marketing/Advertising Collateral by Authorized Users at any time, for any reason, with or without cause, and Authorized Users shall immediately remove all Advertising/Marketing Collateral and cease all use of the same.

This Limited License shall also be governed by any and all provisions in the agreement for the purchase of the Products, including but not limited to those concerning jurisdiction and assignment.

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