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In 2016, close to a billion dollars was invested in auto tech start-ups. Convenient and automated technology is the wave of the future for companies that have decided to partake in the growth of the sharing economy. As the car sharing industry continues to evolve, the need for traditional rental branches in major metropolitan areas will begin to diminish. With more and more car share vehicles entering the market globally, many smaller companies offering mobile solutions now have the ability to thrive from these opportunities.  However, despite car sharing operations being in existence for over twenty years, there hasn’t been any technology implemented for the logistical and maintenance side of managing those fleets.  Car share is evolving, and fleet management needs to evolve with it.

Being the industry leader for mobile fleet cleaning and management, RideKleen has developed KleenCare Technology as the industry solution. This cloud based fleet management dashboard has been created with the experience and knowledge of servicing the mobile industry for over seven years, specifically within the car share market. It not only gives our customers real-time job conformation but also key metrics and data over time which allows our customers the ability to more efficiently run their logistics and operations. This powerful technology essentially becomes the “eyes” for our fleet customers and will define how this industry handles fleet management as companies continue to aggressively grow to gain market share.

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