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Vehicle Disinfectant Kit


Get prepared

      1. For best results clean vehicle (if necessary) using one side of the microfiber towel to remove dirt and grime off all surface (moisten if needed): Doors, panels, consoles, compartments, dashboard, steering wheel, instrument cluster, rearview mirror, air vents, gear shift, hand brake, cup holder, climate control panel, arm rest, floormats, etc. 
      2. Close all windows. 
      3. Place hang tag on rearview mirror, be sure to record the date of service, last 7 numbers of the VIN (if desired). 
      4. Do not leave vehicle running in an enclosed space.
      5. Be sure to refer to the safety protocols and warnings before starting the process.


6”–8” from surface
6”–8” from surface
Spray 7–8 sec
Spray 7–8 sec
Wait 10 min.
Wait 10 min.
Air dry
Air dry
      1. Perform ALL work in sections: Front driver side, back driver side, truck, back passenger side and front passenger side. 
      2. Work inside out. 
      3. Shake the disinfectant bottle well before use. 
      4. Hold the bottle six to eight inches away from the surface, spray evenly, and thoroughly, in a “side-to-side” motion until the surface is covered with mist. 
      5. Avoid over-soaking. If something gets over-soaked with runoff, wipe off excess and reapply. 
      6. Take special care with electrical panels, navigation and digital screens in the vehicles; avoid saturating and creating drips. (over-spraying may cause damage) 
      7. Once a section is complete, close the door and spray the exterior door handle.
      8. To treat the AC System: Turn the vehicle AC unit ON with the air recirculating on medium level. Spray the chemical towards the lower vents underneath the dash so that it gets captured into the AC vents.
      9. Do not directly inhale any vapors sprayed.

Surfaces to treat (List is not all-inclusive)

      • Gear shift, hand brake, cup holder.
      • Arm rests, center consoles, glovebox.
      • Steering wheel, instrument cluster.
      • Air vents, climate control panel.
      • Entry surfaces, headliner, sunroof, rearview mirror.
      • Windows, door handles, panels, switches, rubber seals.
      • Seats, seat belts & buckles. 
      • Remove floor mats and spray the floorboard, then replace floormats and spray. 
      • Exterior door handles, including trunk handle.


Sanitizing & disinfecting process

      1. Open all the doors and turn on the vehicle, set the air conditioning to medium. Set air to recirculate, ensure all vents are open. 
      2. Start disinfecting the vehicle by following the diagram below. This will ensure the vehicle is disinfected properly. 
      3. Exit vehicle, close door. Spay exterior door handle, including trunk handle when section is complete (including trunk handle). Let air dry for 10 minutes.

Vehicles may vary.

Finish and clean up

      1. Dispose gloves and spray bottle in a proper receptacle. 
      2. Use hand sanitizer wipe or wash hands in protocol with CDC guidelines.
      3. Recycle box.


Spray Bottle
Microfiber Towel
Disposable Safety Gloves
Hand Sanitizer Wipe
Dust Mask
Rearview Mirror Hangtag

Recommended Personal Protective Equipment

Safety Glasses

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