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My 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT has the perfect blend of performance, technology, and all wheel drive capabilities. Being a sports car enthusiast, I have always owned sport sedan vehicles known for their exhilarating speed and handling. When I was in the market for a SUV, I knew that finding the right model would be really important. The Jeep SRT not only pushes out 475hp from the factory which launches the vehicle from 0-60 in about 4.7 seconds, but also handles comparably to most lighter sports tuned vehicles. The Jeep is also very accommodating for incorporating bolt on additions and customization. In my case, with the modifications of an exhaust system, headers, cold air intake, and engine tuning, I am able to push out close to 600hp with a best 0-60 time recorded at 3.7 seconds! With performance like that, you forget that you are in an SUV.

From the inside, its UCONNECT technology works great and is extremely easy to use. Lets not forget the active cruise control and automatic brake assistance. These are features you normally don’t find on all cars. With all the nice refinements Jeep made with their Grand Cherokee models, you really feel like you are sitting in a luxury vehicle.

What good is everything under the hood and inside the cockpit, if you don’t wrap it up with an aggressive looking exterior to show you this SUV means business! The SRT model comes with a body that demands a second look. Sometimes it is fun watching people stare at your vehicle wondering “Is that a Jeep?”. What’s even more fun is seeing them not understand how a car so big can move so quickly!

I have had my Jeep SRT for over a year now and still loving it. It is an extremely enjoyable ride that fulfills my “need for speed” and at the same time can serve as a practical everyday driver in all seasons.

Pratik Patel
CEO, Founder

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