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The car wash industry has undergone serious technological innovation in order to produce the highest quality clean. Car washing began in driveways across America with nothing more than a hose, sponge and soap. Car owners were quick to realize that a simple hose isn’t powerful enough to get all the grime off, especially after harsh winter seasons. Industrial car washes began to open, equipped with pressure washers powerful enough to knock off even the thickest grime. However, these machines posed an entirely new problem; being too powerful. Car washes equipped with pressure washers have been known to chip away at paint, break side mirrors and even crack windshields. Not to mention the hundred+ gallons of water it takes a pressure washer to clean one car. Steam cleaning looks to solve all these problems.


Steam cleaning utilizes much of the same tech as a pressure washer, but also includes a heating mechanism. The heating generator heats the water until it becomes a gas (steam) before shooting out of the hose. There are two main benefits of using steam cleaning over its liquid counterpart: results and environmental impact. Heated steam is able to lift/melt grime off of cars while remaining safe for use on all car paint. Areas that water can’t reach can also be cleaned thoroughly without fear of being damaged. Steam can be used on the inside and outside of any car. With no water runoff, the steam is safe for all electronics integrated into modern cars; including center consoles and monitors. Steam cleaning does all this while using less than 1 gallon of water for a whole car (interior included). Despite the facts, many car washes continue to use potentially damaging pressure washers.

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